AAA Services to Help You Save Money

“There is nothing quite like driving down a country highway with the radio talk of towing services.” Says Debra, a mother of three who has lived in El Paso for most of her adult life. “I always thought towing was something to do when you had no other option but to get a ride home. Now I understand it’s much more than that.” 

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Debra, a frequent towing passenger, found herself stranded on I-35 with a flat tire about an hour away from her home. “The radio was calling my name as if I were a radio star. Then I remembered I had a gas tank and thought I might be able to get to my house using that as a way to get to some gas.” After making it to her destination using a rented tire pump, Debra was able to call AAA about her dilemma. By the time the tow truck arrived, Debra had to get off the phone, so as not to scare the tow truck driver who was arriving to help.

AAA approved of the towing practices used by Debra and her family. “The towing services were prompt, safe, and professional,” said AAA’s Northeast region manager, Tim Linton. AAA also reported a very low incident rate, thanks to all their different services and products. The tow truck driver also stated that he felt confident in his towing practices because he routinely works in conjunction with AAA to provide the best towing services possible.

AAA offers a variety of services to the citizens of El Paso and the surrounding areas. Through their website, you can find out what services you need, whether it is for an automobile or a home. If you have a vehicle that needs to be towed, they offer both standard and specialty towing services. Through their roadside assistance plans, you will get to choose how much coverage you want. This is particularly helpful for individuals living in outlying areas that might not have access to AAA’s roadside assistance plan.

A towing company will come to your location to perform a free car locksmith inspection of your vehicle. During the inspection, the towing company will take the keys and begin to unlock your car doors. They will also verify that your car doors are locked and that your vehicle’s brakes are locked. Once they are finished, your vehicle will be towed away safely to your new destination.

Another reason to use AAA for long distance towing is their roadside assistance plans. For one low price, AAA offers a variety of roadside assistance plans to suit just about any budget. They have a basic plan that provides you free and unlimited tow and towing charges. They also offer a silver or gold membership plan that has the same benefits as the basic plan but costs a little more money. If you already have a AAA membership, you can save even more by purchasing an additional tow tag for each member of your family.

One service that many people do not think to ask about when they are searching for a good towing company is battery replacements. If your motorcycle towing needs a jump start or a battery change, ask the towing company you are working with if they offer any battery replacement options. The battery replacements are usually simple and easy to do, and the service is much less costly than having to repair your own battery. The most common reason to have a battery change is to replace dead batteries, but you can also use the spare batteries to power other electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, iPods, TVs, stereos and more.

AAA’s service area is in Northern California, but they provide nationwide emergency assistance in the event of a motor vehicle accident anywhere in the country. To contact AAA regarding any of your towing needs, simply call a toll free number. You can also access the AAA website to learn more about the services they offer and to read more about heavy-duty vehicles and how they can save you money on gas. Remember that AAA offers more than just towing; they are also available to help if there is a mechanical issue with your car or other heavy equipment, or to provide other advice related to the towing of your vehicle.

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