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Sell-Side Services Provided by a Business Broker

Business owners seeking to sell their privately owned company will often retain a business intermediary based upon their expertise in the following areas:


Listing a business for sale in a quiet and discreet manner is critical as the consequences could be very negative if competitors, employees, and customers find out the owner is selling the company. 

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In many cases a business intermediary can pre-screen a number of buyers without revealing the name and location of the business, something that would be nearly impossible for the owner to accomplish. Approaching the sale in a confidential manner will: prevent competitors from utilizing the data to influence customers or spread damaging rumors, avoid issues with key employees who might be nervous about the uncertainty a change in ownership might bring, and eliminate unwanted concerns by customers who feel their relationship might be in jeopardy. There is a delicate balance in providing the necessary information to the buyer to allow them to make a proper evaluation and protecting the sellers’ need for confidentiality. Experienced business brokers recognize the significance of the confidential nature of the business sale and generally will provide proprietary financial and business data in stages. Less information is provided upfront but will increase over time as the relationship with the buyer matures and it is confirmed that they are a serious and qualified candidate. It is important for the buyer to recognize that some highly confidential information, such as customer databases and contracts, will not be made available until after a binding DPA has been executed and the contingencies have been removed.

Valuing Your Business:

Credentialed business brokers are trained to establish a current fair market value of a business using the income, asset, and market approaches. Business brokers are skilled at evaluating and re-casting financial statements in addition to having a solid understanding of what key values buyers are seeking. These professionals have access to large business transaction databases that are used as guidelines or reference points to establish an estimated price range based upon industry, financial, and geographical data. Understanding the worth of one’s business and how that value is derived is extremely important. In some cases, there are minor changes that an owner can make that would dramatically increase the value of the business. Owners who are equipped with a business value report will be well positioned to identify those areas that will drive company value in the coming years, enabling them to fully maximize the business value and capture a higher sales price when it comes time to sell the enterprise. There are a variety of other situations where a business valuation will be important, including: obtaining additional financing, recapitalizing the business, creating buy/sell agreements, ensuring adequate insurance is in place, dissolving a marriage/partnership, and establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), to name a few. There are several different types of valuations available so it will be important to identify the purpose to ensure that the proper report is obtained.

Financing ‘Pre-Approval’:

For the majority of small business transactions, it is rare for a buyer to acquire a business without the assistance of 3rd party financing. Experienced business brokers have relationships with a variety of funding sources including SBA lenders, commercial banks, and private capital companies. While the credit market has tightened considerably over the last several years, business brokers understand which lenders are active and the type of deals, cash flow or asset based, they will finance. Business brokers are experienced in preparing and submitting the required documents to these small business lenders whereby they are reviewed and a financing “pre-approval” can be generated. Lender involvement at an early stage will enable the business owner to be well educated on the type of financing and terms that are available, the buyer down payment required for the loan, and any seller financing commitments that may be requested. Additionally, performing this work up front, before a buyer is located, will often decrease the time period in closing a transaction. Securing financial capital is one of the most critical issues for buyers pursuing a business acquisition and it is those businesses that are distinguished as being pre-qualified for financing that will be in greater demand.

Business Continuity:

Selling a privately held business is a major undertaking as it can be a long, complex, tedious, and stressful process. Business owners who have attempted to approach a sale without a transaction team are quick to realize that the process is a full-time job and can be extremely distracting for those are who are active in managing the daily business operations. A business broker will take ownership of the entire sales process allowing the business owner, who is already wearing many hats, to focus on their core competency in providing 100% of their attention to running the business to maintain or increase its value, mitigating the risk of business erosion during the sale process.

Qualify Buyers:

Established business brokerage firms have large databases of qualified buyers in addition to networks of business intermediaries and other professionals that have access to people who are in the market to purchase a company. Most business brokers have the tools, resources, and processes to attract and screen buyers through a structured and confidential marketing program designed to solicit interest from a wide range of buyers where they are systematically pre-qualified based upon experience, time table, and financial capacity. The broker will create a comprehensive marketing circular containing a historical summary of the business operations, personnel, products and services, adjusted financial statements, and valuation data. A marketing strategy will be developed, based upon the type and size of business, targeting either financial or strategic buyers, or in some cases, both. Financial buyers are characterized as either entrepreneurs or executives leaving corporate America, interested in pursuing their dream of owning a business. Their focus is on the earnings and cash flow that the business generates and whether it will generate sufficient funds to service debt and provide the required ‘owner financial benefit’ to support their lifestyle. Strategic buyers are typically companies who are either in a similar industry looking to acquire market share/economies of scale or a complimentary business seeking to broaden their product or service offering. Strategic buyers will often pay a premium for the business based upon anticipated synergies that the acquisition offers.


A skilled negotiator acts as a buffer between the buyer and seller and is able to diplomatically address any sensitive, confrontational, or polarizing issues without jeopardizing the chemistry that was developed between the buyer and seller. Closing a transaction is a complicated process with unique factors involved and a variety of conflicting issues and personalities from each side. The paperwork involved can be astounding and the intermediary will bring enormous value in coordinating, disseminating, and reviewing the plethora of documents involved with the buyer’s/seller’s professional advisors. There are often situations that require the delivery of unpleasant information, a retraction or modification of an offer, the untangling of red tape, or addressing sensitive financial issues. Having a third party intermediary involved in the transaction mitigates direct conflicts between the buyer and seller, preventing potential emotionally charged questions and concerns from damaging the negotiation process. The broker’s key function is to close the transaction and their involvement as a middleman will enable the owner to take a step back and approach the sale in a methodical approach that maximizes the value, minimizes the stress, and one that should address both parties’ objectives and be more likely to result in a successful transaction.

Exit Planning:

n Exit Plan is a written roadmap that is developed in conjunction with legal, accounting, and financial professionals and is designed to maximize the value an owner receives when exiting the business. Whether the goal is to exit the business in six months or ten years, it is critical that a business owner recognize that succession planning is the single most important way to take control of the terms and conditions of exiting their business. Proper exit planning will reduce the variability of the business control transfer, and can secure a sound financial future for their family. By establishing the current market value of the business in conjunction with a determination of the owner’s exit timetable and the income needed for retirement, the Business Intermediary will have the essential elements for the foundation of the exit plan. The longer that a business owner has to implement the exit plan, the greater the opportunities will be to maximize the business value, minimize tax liabilities, avoid key employee turnover, and eliminate emotionally charged family issues. By developing a formal business exit plan and setting out a specific timetable of actions to be taken, a business owner will have a clear plan of action and know exactly when and how they will be leaving the business.


Working With A Business Broker: What You Need To Know

You’ve worked too hard and too long to risk selling your business by yourself. You need a professional who knows how to sell businesses, where to advertise, and has industry contacts. The chances are you’ve not sold many businesses in your career, and now is not the time to learn. 

Business Broker in Singapore

Engaging Your Broker’s Services

When seeking a broker to sell your business, your due diligence is required in selecting the most suitable firm. Some things to think about:

– You want to know how your broker will advertise your business and their budget for this purpose. – If your sale is confidential, you’ll want to know how the broker will advertise, yet keep your identity unknown. – Does your broker think a cash sale is best for you, or a price with terms? – Determine that the broker is a good fit for your type of business; has the firm previously sold a business of your type and size, and in your location? – Remember that time kills deals… so is the broker experienced in moving the process along rapidly? – Be clear about the frequency of contact you expect from your broker; if you want frequent updates, say so. – Find out how quickly the broker responds to buyer inquiries, and the protocol for moving prospects forward. – Inquire about how many listings the broker has and determine if he or she is too busy to be a good selection for you.

Reviewing the engagement proposal

Once you have selected the broker you believe will do the best work for you, the broker will require you to sign an engagement letter detailing your working relationship. This letter states the terms of the services and the fees you will pay. Most engagement letters have standard language; some of the elements you should expect are:

– The services you are hiring, such as preparing a marketing brochure, working with specialists on your behalf, advertising your business’s availability, filtering inquiries, and recommending worthy prospects. – Limitations of the services the broker will provide. – A term for performance; 3 – 24 months is typical. – Client’s responsibilities in support of the effort. – A disclaimer describing the broker’s potential for performance. – A description of the fees, discussed below.

The broker’s fee

Brokers are compensated either hourly, through a success fee, by a retainer, or by combinations of these options. Here are some details:

Success Fee: A success fee is a commission based on a percentage of the sale price, or a dollar amount. Typically, a success fee is between 5 – 12% and the smaller the sale, the higher the percentage.

Advisor’s Fee, or Retainer: Brokers expect to be paid for their hard costs and minimal services whether you sell or not. If the sale is successful, their fees may be deducted from the success fee. The retainer may include the advertising budget and other upfront costs the broker will commit to doing, such as meeting with members of your professional team.

Reverse Fee: As mentioned above, most of the time a broker will present a graded fee schedule with a higher fee percentage for a smaller sale price. A reverse fee schedule works like this:

Assume that you and your financial planner have determined your business has a value of $700,000 and you have set this as your top price. The broker tells you they charge 10% on all sales under $1 million. However, the broker also tells you his firm will try to sell your business for over a million, and if they do, will you be willing to pay 15%? Do the math and you’ll see that a reverse fee is desirable.

Consult your business broker or attorney with questions about the terms of your agreement


Fire Safety Tips

There are many fire related accidents that happen around the world each day, many of which you would never have thought possible, therefore you can never be too careful when it comes to fire safety in your home.. Taking the right precautions or steps can help you be better prepared in the case of a fire. There are a number of fire safety tips that will help you prepare for a house fire. Even though you never know when or where it will happen, you need to know that you have done all you can to prepare for that time. You need to make sure that everyone in your home knows what to do in case of a fire. 

Fire Safety Articles

One of the fire safety tips that you need to know is to always make sure that you have working smoke detectors installed all about your home. If you live in a home with multiple floors, make sure you install a smoke detector on every floor to make sure everyone is safe. These detectors will notify you of any danger by sounding an alarm at the first sign of smoke. Also, make sure you do not leave anything cooking on the stove while you are not attending to it. A large percentage of fires have been caused when people fall asleep while smoking. If you feel that you are sleepy, do not smoke or a least go outside your house to get some fresh air and have the smoke out there. Always remember to stub out each cigarette carefully.

Another part of the fire safety tips is to know what to do in case of a fire. You should always practice the major three step rule. This rule is used when your clothes are on fire and it consists of stop, drop, and roll. You should never try to out run a fire when it is at its full blast. You should also remember to crawl low under the smoke where fresh air is available. Your head should be at least 12 to 24 inches from the floor. Everyone needs to plan their escape to insure the proper safety measures are taken.

You never know when a fire will break out in your home, therefore, you and your family needs to be prepared. You should check all of your equipment including smoke detectors at least once a week to ensure that they are working properly. There is no better time to start than right now before trouble comes your way.



What Is Considered General Dentistry?

We all know about the things that a dentist can do for our teeth. This doctor not only helps keep them clean but he also works at restoring your smile. For the most part almost any dental hygienist can do these things for you but some require a specialist to handle. Figuring out whom to go see is only part of the problem. If you just need someone who specializes in general dentistry then you might be curious what services this professional will provide for you.

Of course the biggest service is cleaning. You should have your teeth cleaned at least once every six months. This will keep the plaque and tarter from building up and damaging your teeth. When you go in for a cleaning you might actually be seeing the dental hygienist but she is supervised by the doctor and he will come in and see you either just before or just after the work is completed. A clean healthy smile is important and that is the main job for these family practitioners. It’s something that you don’t need a specialist for and you can find them just about anywhere.

Another job that a doctor specializing in general dentistry will do is fillings and crowns. If you have a cavity then you need it taken care of. You don’t have to go to a cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist to have the cavity taken care of. If anything that would be a waste of time and money to do. Just go to your normal doctor and he can make sure that it is filled so that it doesn’t get any worse. Most of them use a filling that matches you tooth’s color so that you don’t have to worry about having a mouth full of metal.

Other basic oral health care services fall under the realm of general dentistry as well. If you need a root canal, this is something that can be done at this office. Other things such as tooth extractions, and x-rays are also something that these professionals can perform for you. If you are in need of something more such as oral surgery, then you might have to go to a specialist. Some family practitioners perform these procedures and some don’t, you’ll just have to speak to your doctor to find out.

There are a lot of things that fall under the umbrella of general dentistry. From cleanings to fillings these doctors can take care of all your basic needs. If it is out or their scope of work, they will refer you to someone who can.


Online Poker Tournament – Strategies For Winning One

One table in standard on-line poker tournament is the same as a microcosm within a large many table tournament. Gamblers or players normally play tight in the initial few tables of online poker tournaments. At minimum 9 to 10 players will complete in a single poker table. The initial stages of online poker tournament are seen as being very aggressive by most people. 

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Below are some of the on-line poker tournaments strategies.

Remember that when you are playing online poker tournament, it I imperative that you know a few tested strategies of play. Whether your main intention is to win the top prize or maybe just to hung around the game for some time and possibly get be rewarded, any player should equip himself with numerous strategies.

In any poker tournament whether it is a live tournament or an online tournament some factors are the same. The blinds will increase at set increments. Usually online you will see more hands then in a live game therefore it is not uncommon for the blinds structure to be shorter. For example live poker tournaments will range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes blinds. When the blinds increase slowly the structure will be more geared towards skill. The shorter the blinds the more luck will be needed or you will need to be more aggressive sooner to keep from being blinded out.

Another factor is the antes most live poker tournaments that are run by a casino will have an ante after the first hour or so or at a certain blind, the ante will start and increase right along with the blinds. IN online tournaments you may or may not have antes, You will find most online poker doe not have antes. A payout structure is also another thing live and online play has in common. Pay close attention to the payout structure. Online you will find the payout structure in cheap tournaments is set where many players are paid but the amount is lower. In live tournaments the payout structure tends to be final table or top 10 percent. Online poker tournaments also come in the turbo variety where the blinds go up every 3 minutes or so. This is not a tournament for a poker player with skill. Since the time frame is so short you do not have time to make a mo

Betting Strategies in online poker tournaments are a vital tool to success. Betting strategies are merely ways of betting that will put the pot odds in your favor and will possibly induce a mistake on your opponents part to show a profit for you.

One betting Strategy in an online poker tournament is the continuations bet or follow up bet after raising before the flop. These are also feeler bets in a way the let you know where you stand in the hand as well as possibly giving you a chance to win the pot right there. These types of bets are usually used when you raised preflop representing a strong hand. Lets say you raised preflop and the flop didn’t help you and there is 400 in the pot you make another bet of 200 or as little as 100. If everyone folds you will show a profit. If someone calls you will have to put them on something and then depending on your read and your cards play accordingly. Now lets say that when you make a bet of half the pot 1 out 3 times you will win. If this is the case you will win right there. This bet will show a profit for you. Lets say you only bet 100 now if you take the pot one of 4 times you will show a profit. This is a common betting strategy. You will see your opponents use this quite a bit.

Another betting strategy in an online poker tournament is to stop the chasers by putting the pot odds against them. Lets say you have AK and the flop comes AK9 and two are suited. Now you will need to bet an amount that will deny your opponent 3 to 1 odds in order to chase his flush which is the likely chasing hand here or maybe a open end straight draw. So lets say you bet making the pot odds 2 to 1 and he chases it. Sometimes you will have to fold because he will hit but he will only hit 4 out of 1 times or so. Therefore this play will show a profit for you if he continues to chase and you should eventually come out ahead.

Betting Strategies in online poker tournaments are basically ways of either winning the pot cheaply when you don’t have anything or betting the right amount to deny proper odds for a draw but to allow a call from someone with a hand not as good as yours.

So this is the basic idea of betting strategies. There is much more too this than we have covered here. You will also have to make some adjustments depending on the table.


Home Based Business Ideas: Energy Efficient Products and Services

Have you ever taken a look at a home based business in the network marketing or direct sales sector? If the answer is yes, that’s fantastic; you have an idea of what network marketing is all about. The awesome thing about a home based business idea in network marketing is that the cost to start your business and buy into a proven system is minimal. Most home based business ideas in the network marketing sector are pretty much under $1000.00 and most are $500 or less. Now we come to the success rate of people who start businesses in the network marketing sector for under $1000. 

home based business ideas

What I have noticed is that when you have not mortgaged your home and entered into a major contract with another company somehow the urgency of owning the home based business and the drive to succeed seem to diminish. Before we ever get into the various products and services available in the network marketing sector in today’s climate we have to discuss the psyche of the person wanting the freedom they are requesting. I have spoken to so many people who start out with a bang and kind of loose their gusto in 3-5 weeks. Sometimes people will last for about 4-6 months then the fire diminishes. Why is that? Well, I know one thing, if I had 50k or more invested into a home based business idea it would not take 4-6 months before I throw my life savings away.  Although, since many network marketing business are under $1000, most people don’t have enough on the line to take their network marketing home based business ideas seriously enough to succeed.  Let’s assume you have the drive to move past that 4-6 month mark. This seems to be the mark where unsuccessful people stop and successful people continue to push forward.  Now you have to decipher if you are in the right business model for optimal success.

Most network marketing companies have traditionally been in the cosmetic, weight loss and health and wellness sectors. In recent history (the last 15 years) there has also been a big surge of technology home based business ideas also such as cell phone businesses, satellite home based business, Wi-Fi home based businesses and others. Even more recently, in the last five years to be exact, there has been a huge push in the energy efficient products and services industry.  

I get excited when I think about the history already made by the first two residential energy companies to offer their services to consumers by way of the network marketing home based business model.  According to Jim Melloan, project manager of the Inc. 500/5000 project Stream Energy grossed $848,000,000.00 for the year 2009.  This company was founded in 2004 and officially started doing business in March of 2005 in Texas.  Home based business owners are able to start a business with this company for less than $500 and are able to refer their friends and family to save money on their electricity and/or gas bills.  They later expanded to Georgia in 2008 and are now expanding to Pennsylvania. 

Next we have another notable company named Ambit Energy, founded in Texas in 2006; it followed Ignite’s footsteps offering the home based business idea for less than $500 in the Texas market.  It soon expanded to New York in 2007 and Illinois in 2008.  I know because I was part of the excitement!  In 2009 the company had a record 20,369.4 percent growth with revenue at $325,000,000.00!  So with these numbers in the home based business/network marketing sector you would assume there are some winners that are just like you and I, who are making a percentage of that success right?  Of course there are and I witnessed this happen first hand.  For under $500 in both companies, multi-millionaires were created!  There are several thousandaires and many people who have found an additional income that has saved them from foreclosure, replaced car payments, paid for their children’s educations and much more! 

So far I have discussed two companies with astounding numbers reported that concentrate on doing one thing, saving the average family money on their electricity bill.  There’s another trend happening in the energy business.  A new company called America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC has emerged offering a home based business in the same space but with a few tweaks!  For one, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC aka AMA Nation was founded in October 2009.  Peter Jensen, Robert Gries and Scott Turner came together to offer a home based business opportunity in the network marketing sector with the product once again being residential electricity. AMA Nation started out in Connecticut, and then soon expanded to New York City.  Over the last year they have have a lot more territory than the first two.  Currently, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC is the marketing arm for several suppliers which allows them to provide this home based business idea in 8 states for opportunity seekers wishing to concentrate on the residential market which include NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, PA, MD and TX (soon to be 9 with IL)!  So with the astounding numbers posted by Ignite and Ambit in only two and three states respectively, AMA Nation will certainly shock the industry with their three-year numbers. 

Now here’s another shocker, by July of 2010 America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC has also allowed their home based business opportunity seekers to acquire business in the commercial sector of energy deregulation as well. Opportunity seekers looking for home based business ideas are also able to do business in 15 states on the large commercial side of energy deregulation.  So when it comes to energy deregulation, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC now has the largest footprint in the industry.  By August of 2010, America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC also added over 200 energy efficient products and services to its repertoire allowing home based business owners to also make money in other emerging markets such as solar panels, Led Lighting retrofits and much more.  The most impressive factor in all of this is that you have the income potential of a major franchise in a network marketing business model for less than $225.  So many people are recouping their initial investment within the first week of being self-employed in the energy business. 

My team and I have been getting many ideas about how to build our business from local news happening around the world!  For instance, the article titled All Agua Fria high schools will have solar panels written by AZ on 16, 2011 at 07:30 PM gave us the idea to start calling the schools our children attend to discuss the energy saving options and grants available.  Another article written by discussed how IKEA Aims to Extend Solar Power Trend to Costa Mesa which gave us the idea to start going after department stores and restaurants in the California area.  So with AMA Nation, my team of independent home based business owners and I have found this business model to be much more lucrative because we are able to tap into the entire energy efficient products and services industry. 

For more information on how you can start a home based business in the energy products and services industry contact Tene Williams, the top female income earner with America Approved Energy Services Direct., LLC she has teamed up with several leaders in the industry and has helped hundreds of home based business owners see success with her hands on approach to seeing you to and through success without just the ra ra you see with other network marketing companies, but the knowledge and the training to help you close these large commercial projects and the wherewithal to train you where to look for business. Today, she is directing her Pennsylvania team to prepare for a major event happening in PA tomorrow 1/29/20. The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an article this morning letting consumers know that there will be a 1-day electricity bazaar to aid power-shoppers… and PECO will be on hand from noon to 6 pm near the food court at the Pavilion at King of Prussia Mall to explain electric deregulation. WOW, what an opportunity to go out and hand out flyers to generate business! 

The founders of ATW Consulting LLC have been small business owners for 20+ years. We are aware of the constant frustration a small business owner is subjected to when starting a small business. Small Business Financing information is essential to building a credit worthy small business. We have compiled our knowledge base to provide small business owners with the information they need to cut learning curves by years. Helping small businesses is our pride and joy which is why we have created the Small Business Finance Hotline which has undercut every business consultant in the industry.

Is It Better to Apply for the Entrepreneur or Employment Pass in Singapore?

Overseas business owners who have set up a company in Singapore and want to relocate to the country to manage that business have a choice between applying for the entrepreneur pass and the employment pass. Each type of pass has its own pros and cons and hence many foreign entrepreneurs are often confused which type of pass they should be applying for. However, what entrepreneurs should note is that the type of pass that is appropriate for them depends upon several factors including the rules and regulations governing each work pass.

For example, if the entrepreneur wants to relocate to Singapore almost immediately after completing their company incorporation, then it is mandatory for them to apply for the entrepreneur pass only. Officially known as the Singapore Entrepass, foreign business owners are supposed to apply for the entrepreneur pass if they are applying immediately after company registration. However, if the foreign business owner is ready to wait at least six months since the company has been incorporated, then they may apply for the employment pass as well. Of course during those six months the Singapore Company needs to be operational and also should be able to meet all its goals as set in the business plan.

As per the above mentioned rules, if you cannot wait to relocate to Singapore, then you have no option but to apply for the entrepreneur pass. However, if you feel you can manage the Singapore business from overseas for the first six months then you may look at the other pros and cons of each type of work pass. Those applying for the entrepreneur pass need to invest at least SGD 50,000 as paid up capital in their newly incorporated company in Singapore. If you feel you cannot invest that much amount in the beginning, you can register a company with the minimum paid up capital requirement of only SGD 1 and then after six months apply for the employment pass for relocation. Typically the employment pass would imply that you are going to be working as an employee under your own company in Singapore. Since all employment passes need to be endorsed by a Singapore employer, your company based in Singapore would become the endorser. Therefore that company needs to be fully operational and in good standing in the country so that the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore may consider your application as a legitimate requirement.


How to Register a Society in Singapore

According to current legislation, the society should have at least 10 persons, the majority of whom should be citizens of Singapore and its nature should not be a company, association, partnership, a co-operative, a mutual benefit organization, a trade union, foreign insurers or a learning institution committee. 

register company singapore

Furthermore, the President, Treasurer and the Secretary of the society must also be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. These and the requirements for the society to be majorly composed of Singapore Citizens are null and void if.

– The society is religious in nature.

– The society is represented by single race members.

– The society’s objectives and activities are to promote any cause of interest or discuss an issue which pertains to particular genders or sexual orientation.

– The society’s objectives and activities are to promote and represent a person or group of persons who are promoting or advocating civil or political issues such as civil rights, human rights or animal rights.

– The society’s objectives are to promote the use of or status of any language.

– The society’s objective is to promote arts apart from classical music or works.

The following information will need to be provided before the society can be registered:

– The society name along with two alternative names with their meaning and significance.

– Email, telephone number and/or Fax number.

– Physical address where the administration of the society will be carried out.

– The Constitution of the Society in a word document.

– The Constitution of the Affiliate Body, if applicable in English.

– Letters of Affiliation, where necessary in English.

– Letters of Approval/Support from government agencies, organizations, personalities, academia etc, where necessary, in English.

The following information will need to be provided on the committee members:

– Name, NRIC No / FIN / Passport No., Date of Birth

– Title of Office (e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ordinary Member, etc)

– Residing Address

– Nationality, Resident Status in Singapore

– Gender, Marital Status, Race, Dialect Group, Religion

– Contact Information

– Educational Qualifications, Present Employment Status

– Membership in other societies, if any.

The application for the society can be submitted via normal physical channels or automatic online registration.

In case of automatic registration, the society must fall under any of the Schedule Section 4 (1) and 33A. If the nature of the society does not comply with any of the schedule then it will need to be registered through the normal process.

Once the application is submitted, a society which went via normal registration processes will have to wait for the In-Principal Approval from ROS before they can make the payment; however a society which is registered using automatic registration can make the payment and commence operations without any waiting or delays.

Furthermore, a society which has been registered under normal registration can only commence its activities after it has been listed in the Gazette, failing which, a penalty of no more than SGD 500 will be imposed. If the society still continues to function, then a fine of SGD 500 per day will be imposed until activities are ceased.

Once the society starts to function, it will be required to submit an Annual Return Form 6A to the ROS which consists of the management committees’ particulars. The form will need to be submitted within one month of every AGM (Annual General Meeting), if there are no AGM however, then the Form will need to be submitted by the end of the year. The date of the AGM will need to be determined by the management committee and must be mentioned in the society’s constitution.

The form will need to detail on how many voting and nonvoting members are there in the society. A copy of the society’s income and expenditure along with the balance sheet of the audited previous year must be submitted in writing as well in accordance with Societies Regulation 7(1)(b), that is unless the society can declare in writing that it does not have any monetary transactions, assets or liabilities for the specified year.


Home Fire Safety – Interior Stairway Design Fire Safety Guidelines

As to home fire safety in home building plans, much codified ado is made of fire-blocking wall and floor structure, but not much at all on stairway design and stairway construction.  

Fire Safety Tips

Comment: This codified ado even sort-of includes home fire safety in regard to stairway structure. See IRC 2003, R311.2.2 “Under stair protection. Enclosed accessible space under stairs shall have walls, under stair surface and any soffits protected on the enclosed side with ½-inch (12.7mm) gypsum board.” For fire safety in stairway design and stairway construction, it’s a beginning. Note, please, that there’s no mention of fire-rated gypsum board and heavier weight material as are referenced elsewhere – and have been for quite a long while – for garage wall and ceiling surfaces abutting habitable space.  

Fire Safety Articles


And there are the high-value references to smoke alarms in home fire safety building codes nationwide, references albeit at minimum levels of materials and methods, in the author’s opinion.

Comment: Minimums? That’s what this custom home designer thinks. Following are designer house plan set stipulations that may be written into smoke alarm methods and materials to extend home fire safety codified minimums. Each alarm shall run on both permanent 120V and replaceable battery, shall feature a combination of ionization and photoelectric sensors. None shall disconnect by wall switch. Each shall connect to a 120V line as first load on a frequently used lighting circuit with overcurrent protection at the panelboard suitable for a double tap. For sleeping areas, an alarm shall be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications on either side of any passage between a sleeping area and a path to egress


So, what about the eminently more airflow-permissive stairwell itself?

In a house aflame, a residential interior stairway can occasion two events: the passage of both occupants to safety and firemen for the sake of safety and the passage of smoke and flame between interior floor levels.

Comment: It might seem as though interior stairway design and stairway construction, this key locus of interior structure in interior fire conditions – good (human transport) and bad (smoke and fire transport) – is at least largely forsaken by residential building authorities having jurisdiction.


In regard to stairwells, that is stairwell design and stairwell construction, what’s at stake is fire-degraded stairway construction, wood stud walls and wood ceiling joists collapsing within the stairwell, engaging stairway and its contents, including people contents, and thereby precluding occupants’ easy physical movement between floor levels.


A residential, interior stairway, other than a spiral stairway – below the stair stringer shall be sheathed from outer stair stringer to outer stair stringer including header cleat with not less than 1 layer of 5/8″ Type-X gypsum board glued, screwed, and taped. It shall be mudded not less than 3 coats, paying particular attention to screw pocks which shall be taped, too.

Where walls run below or immediately next to outside stair stringers shall be framed at walls with lightweight, or cold-formed. The steel frame shall be sheathed on the exterior with 1 layer-5/8″ Type-X gypsum board glued, screwed, and taped. It shall be mudded not less than 3 coats, paying particular attention to screw pocks which shall be taped, too.

If continuous Type-X envelope cannot be applied on the vertical below a staircase, then contractor shall frame with lightweight, or cold-formed, steel shall sheathe the interior with 2 layers-5/8″ Type-X gypsum board glued, screwed, and taped. Where applicable, the exterior sheathed with 1 layer-5/8″ Type-X gypsum board glued, screwed, and taped. It shall be mudded not less than 3 coats, paying particular attention to screw pocks which shall be taped, too.

Where stairwell wall extends above a stair stringer as, for example, a stairwell, or below a stringer as, for example, a mid-landing, contractor shall frame the wall in lightweight, or cold-formed, steel. The frame shall be sheathed on the interior with 2 layers-5/8″ Type-X gypsum board and, where applicable, on the exterior of the wall with 1 layer-5/8″ Type-X gypsum board glued, screwed, and taped. Sheathing shall be mudded not less than 3 coats, paying particular attention to screw pocks which shall be taped, too.

Sheathing shall be sealed at a protrusion with fire-stopping materials conforming to not less than most current ASTM E84 and E814, which sealing shall not necessarily exclude consideration of tumescent sealant at under-stair in closet, cabinet, niche, alcove, bookcase, or similar. Steel frame shall be sheathed continuously, fastened, and mudded at all abuts before other finish clad is applied, that is, the first exterior clad to steel frame below a staircase shall be at least 1 layer-5/8″Type-X gypsum board applied as above.

A high-voltage electrical outlet, device, or appliance shall not be sited anywhere below a stairway.

In sum, the steel’s there to break down more slowly when engaged, purposely to wrack and sag but not to cinders and ash; the extra layers of Type-X are there to better hold its form and hold flames from you on your way up or down the steps.

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