Offshore Company Formation – How it Works and Why You Should Consider It

An offshore company formation can be no different to any other business, the only disparity is the jurisdiction in which it has been established. An offshore company formation is usually in the form of an International Business Corporation, otherwise known as an IBC, and receives large tax advantages. 


An IBC is a corporation that can do business anywhere it likes apart from its home country. There are consultants who will assist you in setting up your offshore company and advice on all the legal aspects required. They have many years of experience in setting up offshore company, offshore bank accounts, setting up a trust and so on. They also offer total privacy and guarantee that your accounts and personal details will remain secure and confidential.

Anyone in business these days realizes how difficult it is to make a profit no matter how hard you work and when you are paying out large amounts of your profit in the form of tax it can be frustrating. It is important to keep up to date with all the rules and regulations regarding tax and income, after all you don’t want the profits from your business being eaten up by the financial institutions and tax departments!

If you are considering setting up an offshore company then it is advised you look for a reliable and well established agency to help you. As well as having the relevant knowledge and experience they have the experience needed in this area and know all the laws and will be up to date on any changes in these laws. Your business relationship with the agency will be founded on trust, if an agency isn’t trustworthy they would soon be out of business themselves as no-one would want to do business with them. They can offer your company offshore banking and other professional services that go along with it. You are able to purchase a ready made offshore company if that is what you require with the agency providing a nominee director and nominee shareholder, or you can re-register the company and assign your own people as company director, secretary and shareholders. The choice is yours and can be fitted to suit your requirements. If you are concerned that the ready to trade offshore companies might have outstanding liabilities or have procured debts there is no need as the companies are clear of any trade or transactions since the day they were registered.

You are not required to actually live in the country where your offshore company is registered and that is why it is so popular with all types of industries. There are no restrictions placed on you based on your residence and who controls the company is entirely your decision, you can control it yourself or allocate an agent who is located on the offshore territory to take care of everything for you. Many industries that conduct trade all over the world do so through offshore international business centers and a large majority of the worlds hard currency is kept in offshore banks, much more than anyone realizes and this figure is likely to keep growing and developing for companies and individuals.

Many offshore banks have very strict rules on who they accept as their customers and contrary to popular belief they don’t accept just anyone as long as they have money! They have their reputation to maintain as a reliable and trustworthy financial institution and it would not be acceptable to them to allow criminals to use their services. Opening an offshore company can give you privacy or anonymity, the confidentiality laws of these jurisdictions are usually very strong and are a legal method of minimizing the tax amount you have to pay each year.

Many people set up offshore companies to protect their assets, if there is a liability case brought against them keeping their money offshore can make it more difficult for would-be creditors to get their hands on it. An offshore company can also be a way to save towards your retirement fund, better that money is in your pocket then the tax mans.



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